FireScope Service Asset Maturity ITSM Workshop

ITSM Asset Discovery Workshop

Key Rationale for this Workshop

Companies are under tremendous pressure to improve the way they do business and the demands on information systems are enormous. Understanding assets, key business service dependencies and their performance is critical to success.

This workshop provides full discovery of your assets, maps critical business service dependencies and provides you with a process driven assessment and prescriptive roadmap for future.

What is the Workshop all About?

The FireScope Service Asset Maturity Model (SAMM) workshop is a five-day strategic interactive session to review and analyze the current IT infrastructure, identify asset and business service dependencies and to identify the steps required for your Company to securely meet its business goals. The workshop will enable your organization to develop a data driven defined methodology to achieve Company Management’s mandated position in the Service Asset Maturity Model. FireScope Subject Matter Experts work with you to customize the outcomes to meet your company’s specific IT, change management and business goal objectives.

Asset Discovery

Persistent Real-time Asset discovery

Real-time baselining & awareness of all Network & Endpoint Assets

Full Asset Change Management

Security ring-fencing

Asset Value Maximization

Asset and Network maximization through network configuration based on individual Asset utilization & Service dependencies

End-point Asset Management by using agentless SSH & WMI

Dependency Mapping

Mapping critical assets to key business services through multiple layers of discovery:

Network Traffic

Virtual elements


Network Topology

Passive Network Traffic Consumption

Typical Use Case Scenarios

Asset Change Management and Optimization

Asset Identification & Alerting for new & unknown entities

Migrations – Cloud & Hybrid

Business Services mapping to assets to ensure maximum business operations.

Key Workshop Benefits

Enable your Company to understand the value in discovering assets & understanding a business service asset strategy for your organization.

Explore the value and gain insights into building secure asset management value propositions

Real world recommendations for your Company to use going forward based on your Company’s current infrastructure, assets and business service dependencies, and business objectives.

Access to the FireScope experts and the SaaS asset discovery & dependency mapping solution as it will be active and operational for your use for 30 days upon completion of the workshop.

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Discover and evaluate IT assets, create service maps, visualize dependencies

Compare and evaluate your position on FireScope’s service asset maturity model

Identify trends and patterns as well as correlate IT asset relationships with business services

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  • The SAAM workshop is 5 days in duration; 2 days remote and 3 days on-site.
  • Before going to site, the client will receive the FireScope pre-engagement instructions and working with FireScope will satisfy the obligations to prepare for the Workshop.
  • FireScope will provide a scoping guide as well as a questionnaire.

Remote | 2 Days

Day One working with FireScope: (remote):

  • Stand up a FireScope Edge Data Collector device, and confirm connectivity and function.
  • Request documentation on applications, processes, services, existing policies/procedures. 
    • Confirm the scope of the Workshop.
    • Conduct interviews with key people to complete the scoping criteria (if needed).
    • Project-related questions in detail/what to expect.
    • Help to build a picture of how the Client is set up for understanding future needs.    
    • Configure asset discovery jobs, execute the discovery jobs, confirm data flows, assets (Configuration Items CIs) discovered and data sent to the FireScope SaaS hosted environment.

Day Two working with FireScope: (remote):

  • Validate that all Day One and earlier tasks were successful and remediate any issues if required.
  • Make sure automated jobs are all successfully completed.
  • Confirm results/flows/CIs/Agents are installed and functioning
  • Follow up with any new topics/questions and trouble-shoot any open issues.
  • Agree expectations with Client Executive Sponsors for the Workshop

On-Site | 3 Days

Day Three

  • Validate with Client teams, that meaningful data is collected, and data flow/traffic data is sufficient to begin making service asset dependency mappings.
  • Start to build the pre-determined service asset dependency maps.
    • Determine parameters of the ‘map’ including inclusions/exclusions.
    • Complete service mapping and validate accuracy as configured.
  • Conduct process-based interviews for Service Asset Maturity Model; key ITIL® processes to determine current SAMM position and areas of improvement, value and ROI.

Day Four

  • Continue to build out service asset dependency maps.
  • Perform analysis of process discovery interviews and data flows against SAMM.
  • Provide training and knowledge transfer on installed solution to enhance evaluation.
  • Present and discuss suggested use cases to process owners on data gathered.

Day Five

  • FireScope conducts continuous improvement interview with the Client to determine opportunities for improvement with FireScope Service Asset Maturity Model in conjunction with the Client’s installed solutions.
  • Compile and Deliver Preliminary FireScope SAMM assessment to the Workshop Executive Sponsors.

Within Two Weeks

FireScope will present final FireScope SAMM Assessment and Recommendations, with suggested guidelines and timeline to achieve desired FireScope SAMM level.

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