FireScope Value-Driven Workshops

See and experience how to discover, visualize and map IT and business service dependencies to your critical IT Assets.

FireScope is a differentiator in the market today and is being adopted quickly by enterprises and MSPs. The use cases vary from security, operations, business intelligence, compliance, CMDB asset enrichment and network/asset anomaly detection.

FireScope provides discovery, service dependency mapping and monitoring of all IT Assets throughout the enterprise. This is accomplished through a SaaS platform, agentless architecture and dashboard displays to show data that matters in a single highly intuitive view. Whether your business is healthcare, financial, retail, manufacturing, hospitality, government, defense or another vertical, FireScope will enable you to gain valuable service dependency insights by discovering all devices and applications located in the network. FireScope passively monitors, collects and analyzes network traffic to understand relationships and dependencies between physical and virtual devices; enabling IT to optimize support for the services that drives the business. It is then able to build dependency maps of all devices, applications, IT and business services and federate approved changes to a CMDB of your choice.


Organizations have a vast array of disparate assets residing on the network on premises, remote and in the cloud and to understand how best to manage them can only be done with regular and ongoing persistent discovery and monitoring. Whether customers are seeking to detect, identify and protect against known and unknown threats, derive business intelligence or integrate to their CMDB in compliance to secure policies, FireScope is the solution for those challenges by providing a secure mission critical SaaS based platform that is fully customizable and ITSM/ITIL friendly.    


FireScope follows a consistent methodology for all service engagements, including workshops, assessments and professional services. Our advisory services, provided during the Plan and Design phases of our methodology, are delivered by experienced advisory resources, project managers, technical solution architects and engineers with hands-on knowledge. Our approach provides a clear roadmap of the business outcomes that you can expect when working with FireScope and helps to ensure the success of your project. Next steps may include a focused workshop or assessment, technical solution demonstrations, pilots or development of a client-specific design and maturity roadmap using our technology. FireScope’s solutions-based, holistic approach uses best-of-breed technology based on your business or mission needs and existing technologies and architecture.


The FireScope Workshop is an onsite, three- to five-day strategic discussion and whiteboard session focused on identifying your company’s business and security challenges. FireScope experts customize the session to meet your company’s specific areas of interest, goals, and business objectives which may include:

  • ITIL® Change Management: Identify the impacts of changes on dependent Configuration Items (CIs), changes that are unauthorized and status needed for change transition.
  • ITIL® Configuration Management: Run a network discovery job and create a baseline of related CIs to integrate into your CMS/CMDB.
  • ITIL® Service Level Management: How to use service maps to logically visualize IT dependencies to decide SLOs/OLAs.
  • ITIL® Service Catalogue: Show all the current state relationships needed to build a service portfolio.
  • ITIL® Availability Management: Identify single points of failure on a business service.
  • SecOPs: How Security teams can use service maps to validate that firewall rules are working correctly, to trouble-shoot suspicious activities, investigate rogue devices and application micro-segmentation projects.
  • Application Support: Gain an end-to-end understanding of applications and business services – even those that are a combination of on-site and cloud based or span multiple data centers.

Technology Partners & Integrations

FireScope consulting service advisors, data center & service technical architects and professional services engineers, Consulting Service Engineers and Data Center Technical Architects provide end- to-end services and support leveraging a combined 100 industry certifications and we have pre-built integrations into a number of CMDB providers. Including:

What to Expect

  • Highly-Skilled Engineers
  • Hands-On Access to Emerging Technology
  • Customized Technical and Strategic Whiteboard Sessions
  • Best Practices
  • Expert Insight
  • Project Roadmap

FireScope Service Asset Maturity ITSM Workshop

Course Description:

Companies are under tremendous pressure to improve the way they do business and the demands on information systems are enormous. Understanding assets, key business service dependencies and their performance is critical to success.

This workshop provides full discovery of your assets, maps critical business service dependencies and provides you with a process driven assessment and prescriptive roadmap for future.