Your CMDB Can Work Smarter with Service-Aware Intelligence

Improve service management and cloud transformation initiatives with an intelligent Configuration Management Database.


Keeping your Configuration Management Database up to date is hard, especially when your data is all over the place in spreadsheets, databases, monitoring tools, and more.

FireScope uses a unique Persistent Observation technology that observes asset and application behavior over time, providing unprecedented CMDB transparency with real-time dependency and data required for on-going service delivery.

With Service-Aware Intelligence you will:

Reduce risk to the business

Meet compliance requirements through change management

Drastically reduce time to restoration in an outage

Prioritize resources based on business impact

Swiftly determine root cause analysis

Improve the user experience

Better manage & control assets in a remote work environment

Effectively manage the lifecycle of the asset

Enhance security

Automated Asset Discovery, Intelligence & Dependency Mapping from FireScope

Persistent Observation

FireScope uses a unique Persistent Observation technology that discovers application dependency changes over time, gathering even unsuspected dependency intelligence critical to successful datacenter migrations and reliable on-going service delivery.

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Inefficiencies of Current Discovery Methods

Learn more about the inefficiencies of current discovery methods and how FireScope’s Persistent Observation technology will provide migration intelligence your users can depend on.