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User productivity depends on a cloud migration strategy that ensures all IT assets and their dependencies are accounted for to successfully migrate your critical applications.

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If you are like most companies who keep their asset inventory in spreadsheets and monitoring tools, your migration will be a disaster. We all know spreadsheets are out of date once you update them so you can’t be certain they are correct, and your monitoring tools are going to miss vital assets due to their periodic discovery scans. You can’t plan a critical migration based on inaccurate data, especially for something as important as cloud migration.

To ensure successful cloud migrations, the targeted application or service must be constantly observed over time to understand behavior and account for the unknowns that will cause your migration to fail, wasting valuable resource time and money.


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Multi-layer Baseline Service Maps

FireScope baseline service maps provide multiple dependency layers of your critical tier1 and tier2 applications across your technology stacks ensuring every asset and dependency is accounted for.

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Automated Asset Discovery, Intelligence & Dependency Mapping from FireScope

Persistent Observation

FireScope uses a unique Persistent Observation technology that discovers application dependency changes over time, gathering even unsuspected dependency intelligence critical to successful datacenter migrations and reliable on-going service delivery.
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Inefficiencies of Current Discovery Methods

Learn more about the inefficiencies of current discovery methods and how FireScope’s Persistent Observation technology will provide cloud migration intelligence services your users can depend on.

“FireScope has added a new dimension to our business outside our primary Data Center Event practice… we have used many discovery tools, nearly all were tedious, labor intensive, and overly complex… we chose FireScope for our DC Event tool of choice for DC relocation/consolidation & divestiture activities as well as asset management, latency assessment, and development of outage analysis programs.”

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