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Service Performance Manager

FireScope’s Service Performance Manager (SPM) discovers and monitors your critical IT infrastructure and services, gathering both asset and service performance intelligence you can use to ensure your critical applications and services are performing optimally.

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Monitor asset capacity & performance & avoid service disruptions.

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Align ITAM with business objectives and identify risks & impacts to business.

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Achieve Service Asset Maturity Level 3 & 4.

What you get...

Network device, performance and response time monitoring

MS Windows, Linux, Unix performance monitoring

Server process monitoring

Windows OS, Services, log monitoring

Log file monitoring

File & directory monitoring

Command line output parsing

Virtualization/Hypervisor monitoring

AWS EC2 discovery & monitoring

User experience monitoring

...and more

Proactive Problem Management
Management by fact
Faster problem resolution
Higher service & application availability
RISK Avoidance
Continuous Improvement
Full regulatory compliance
Higher quality Service Delivery

How it Works

Download our virtual FireScope Collector, it will listen to flows on your network, discovering and monitoring all assets.

Monitor Operating Systems agentlessly or using FireScope’s powerful light-weight agents.

Visualize your service performance in out-of-box and customizable dashboards and SLA reports.

Manage performance and availability alerts.

Easily integrate with your CMDB and IT Service Management solutions.