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Business Intelligence DataMart

Data is your most valuable asset.

FireScope SaaS Platform

The FireScope Business Intelligence DataMart is an extensible component of the FireScope Platform.

BI DataMart reduces the complexity out of IT asset information and converts it into human readable service-centric insights. These insights then enable informed tactical and strategic business decisions, and eases compliance reporting.

Data is your most valuable asset, let FireScope help you discover what it’s telling you by analyzing accurate and timely asset details monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly.


Data Management

  • Flexible retention periods
  • Access asset attributes, events, changes, time-series data and more
  • Built-in simple customizable dashboards and report creation
  • Share dashboards with teams

Business Value

  • Manage risk by identifying security vulnerabilities and end of support assets
  • Lower IT costs and optimize resource allocation by harvesting unused licenses
  • Support Infrastructure Modernization projects with accurate asset details, service maps and dependency maps
  • Identify license audit and compliance risks such as HIPAA and PCI
Graph Illustration