FireScope Expands Integration with ServiceNow to Accelerate IT Responsiveness and Innovation

May 14, 2013 – Huntington Beach, Ca. – FireScope Inc., the leader in aligning customers’ technology performance to their business and customer experiences, today announced that it is expanding its integration with ServiceNow to enable customers to achieve service-oriented Event Management populated automatically from their ServiceNow CMDB.

FireScope, which has been recognized as a “Value Leader” for Business Impact Management and Technical Performance Analytics in Enterprise Management Associate’s EMA Radar for Advanced Performance Analytics, Use Cases: Q4 2012, provides real-time enterprise service monitoring with predictive insight into how an organization’s technology is delivering user experiences and business outcomes.  ServiceNow provides flexible cloud-based applications and a platform as a service (PaaS) for incident, configuration, and change management.  ServiceNow’s cloud services coupled with FireScope’s on- or off-premise cloud solutions provide a disruptive combination to help organizations achieve a global, cloud-based platform for IT.

In a typical use case, an organization that already has a populated ServiceNow CMDB can push their service model, with relationships intact, via secure web service to FireScope Stratis to automatically apply best practice, service-oriented Event Management.  In addition to traditional monitoring capabilities, FireScope also applies automated user experience testing and aggregates key business data to identify which issues impact customers and analyze the financial implications.  As service-impacting events are identified, FireScope can automatically generate an Incident in ServiceNow and synchronizes updates throughout the lifecycle of the incident, including the ability to automatically close the incident when normal operating conditions are detected.  When combined with ServiceNow automation, this can enable a self-sustaining technology environment whereby issues are identified and remediated without the need for human intervention.  Moving forward, as new services and Configuration Items are created in ServiceNow’s CMDB, these changes are immediately pushed to FireScope.

“The guiding principle behind this effort was to help our customers move toward a simpler, easier self-service platform for managing their technology and eliminate the constant maintenance and firefighting work that prevents them from driving innovation,” said Steven Cotton, CEO of FireScope.

Business Value:

  • Organizations need only maintain a single system of record in ServiceNow CMDB to achieve a complete 360-degree view of service management lifecycle.
  • Enables a “Zero Touch” scenario wherein FireScope identifies degradation of a service or capacity issue, automatically generates an incident in ServiceNow which then triggers automation to remediate the incident. Issues are now resolved before users are impacted, and IT is freed up to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • IT gains a consistent, standardized service model, improving communication across teams and disciplines and provides a clear line of sight between technology performance and business outcomes.
  • Eliminates integration risks and significant manual efforts maintaining multiple solution configurations, enabling hundreds of man-hours to be refocused on driving innovation.

FireScope will be demonstrating this new capability at booths 42 and 43 at ServiceNow’s Knowledge13 user conference, held this week in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Additional information is available at

About FireScope

FireScope is the leader in aligning customers’ technology performance to their business and customer experiences through highly innovative, on-demand solutions. FireScope’s suite of products includes three primary enterprise offerings: FireScope Stratis™ – The only Cloud-Era Service Performance Management (SPM) solution; FireScope Unify™ Business Service Management (BSM) – your dashboard for enterprise IT strategy; FireScope Orchestrate™ Configuration Management Database (CMDB) – your playbook for IT Operations. FireScope Inc., headquartered in Huntington Beach, California has offices in Sydney, New York, Dallas and London. To learn more about FireScope and its advanced Service Performance Management solutions, visit or call 877-780-3473.

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