FireScope Announces Integration with Cherwell

Improved Operations-to–Service Desk integration empowers IT to identify service-impacting issues earlier and resolve faster

September 1, 2015 – Colorado Springs, Co. – FireScope has announced today that it has developed a bi-directional integration with Cherwell Service Management®, designed to help organizations increase visibility across teams for more responsive IT.  Representatives from FireScope will be available during the Cherwell Global Conference this week in Colorado Springs to demonstrate the solution and discuss the ease of implementation and many benefits of the integration.

Firescope provides the means for IT organizations to better understand their IT environment in real-time, and we are excited about teaming with Firescope to help them improve service availability and minimize the impact of service disruption,” said Jarod Greene, VP of product marketing of Cherwell.

Cherwell is the developer of Cherwell Service Management software, a leading and highly regarded IT service management (ITSM) solution built on a modern, meta-data platform. Cherwell also enables customers to extend and automate business processes beyond ITSM without requiring expensive application development resources.

FireScope discovers and maps critical IT services and provides real-time and predictive insight into how an organization’s technology is delivering user experiences and business outcomes, delivered using a Software-as-a-Solution model.  The solution continually monitors the health and performance from the underlying network to applications of an enterprise.  Self-adapting baselines and best practice analysis enable FireScope to identify the first signs of abnormal behavior and correlate the potential for impact to user experiences.  Once service-impacting issues are identified, FireScope can automatically generate an incident record in Cherwell Service Management and its extensive automation and workflow capabilities enable IT support teams initiate effective remediation efforts.

“Cherwell has a fast growing and highly engaged customer community, and we look forward to demonstrating to them the significant value they can gain from the partnership of FireScope and Cherwell,” said Leanne Porter, CEO of FireScope.

Business Value of The FireScope / Cherwell Integration:

  • Better visibility of the infrastructure reduces the time between identification and resolution of service-impacting Incidents.
  • Service Management teams are armed with accurate and relevant system-generated information, enabling more effective first time resolution when compared to often vague, user-reported issues such as ‘Email isn’t working.’
  • Automated discovery, mapping and configuration of best practice monitoring enables rapid implementation while reducing the workload typically required to achieve effective service visibility.
  • Communications is improved across every IT team without the need to disrupt their day-to-day workflow by adding more interfaces that need to be checked.
  • As both solutions are offered via Software-as-a-Service model, organizations start realizing value at a fraction of the time when compared to traditional software models and without the need to invest in significant in-house compute resources.

For more information regarding the integration between FireScope and Cherwell, including a video of the integration in action, please visit

About FireScope

FireScope is the leader in aligning customers’ technology performance to their business and customer experiences through highly innovative, on-demand solutions. FireScope Stratis is the first cloud-based enterprise monitoring solution built on a Big Data (NoSQL) platform that pushes the boundaries of capacity, depth of visibility and performance. FireScope Inc., has offices in Sydney, New York, Dallas and London. To learn more about FireScope and its advanced Service Performance Management solutions, visit or call 877-780-3473.

About Cherwell Software

Cherwell Software is the developer of Cherwell Service Management®, an award-winning business technology and IT service management (ITSM) platform recognized by leading industry analysts worldwide. Express Software Manager is our new, award-winning IT asset management software. Cherwell customers are part of a fast-growing, caring community using Cherwell Software to implement both ITSM solutions and business technology that goes beyond ITSM. Cherwell Software has the deepest expertise in the service management industry, including a global network of expert partners, currently serving customers in more than 40 countries. Corporate headquarters are in Colorado, USA, with global offices in the United Kingdom and Germany.