FireScope + Ivanti Integration

FireScope’s integration with Ivanti enables organizations to create a self-service and extensively automated platform for managing the complete lifecycle of their critical services. 

Previously organizations were forced to acquire, implement, manage and maintain dozens of monitoring, management and workflow tools, they can now achieve the same results with one cloud-based platform with none of the maintenance and integration work.

  • Take the effort and guesswork out of achieving a service aware CMDB with automated discovery and dependency mapping.
  • Identify, respond and resolve issues faster and more effectively with integrated Incident Management Integration and Automation.
  • Replace your legacy management suite with a cloud-based, agent-less big data alternative at a fraction of the cost and effort.

CMDB Integration

The typical enterprise has over 16 monitoring and management tools, and every time a new service or application is deployed, each must be individually configured to monitor and manage the new assets. This represents a significant amount of time and effort that could be better spent elsewhere.

FireScope’s integration with the Ivanti CMDB can eliminate all of this duplicate effort by automatically replicating changes in the Ivanti CMDB to FireScope for instant application of best practice monitoring.

  • Web service interconnectivity synchronizes Ivanti CMDB CI data with FireScope SPM, with dependencies and relationships intact.
  • FireScope SPM performs API-enhanced, SNMP v1-3 discovery on these assets to automatically configure attribute data collection, event analysis and dashboards.
  • Any new details on assets identified by FireScope’s discovery can be pushed back to Ivanti for a more accurate configuration picture.
  • Organizations only need to maintain a single system of record in Ivanti CMDB to achieve a complete 360-degree view of service management.
  • IT gains a consistent, standardized service model, improving communication across teams and disciplines and provides a clear line of sight between technology performance and business outcomes.
  • Eliminates integration risks and significant manual efforts maintaining multiple solution configurations, enabling hundreds of man-hours to be refocused on driving innovation.

Event Management Automation

Slash the time it takes to identify, respond and resolve issues with the combination of FireScope+Ivanti.

Through this integration, you gain an automated platform that identifies the first signs of potential failure and automatically generates incidents in Ivanti, before users are impacted.

  • FireScope SPM’s real-time service monitoring identifies the first signs of business-impacting incidents, leverages web service integration with Ivanti to automatically generate an Incident, enriched with information regarding root-cause and financial impact.
  • The solution continuously synchronizes notes and updates from Ivanti, so users in either solution always have the most current information.
  • If normal operating conditions are identified, FireScope SPM can automatically close the Incident in Ivanti, reducing average incident resolution times. Conversely, if the incident is closed in Ivanti, FireScope automatically closes relevant events and verifies that normal performance has been achieved.
  • All configuration is performed through web-based wizards that guide users through the process of integration FireScope and Ivanti.
  • Enables a “Zero Touch” scenario wherein FireScope identifies degradation of a service or capacity issue, automatically generates an incident in Ivanti which then triggers automation to remediate the incident. Issues are now resolved before users are impacted, and IT is freed up to focus on strategic initiatives.

Ivanti Integration

FireScope has the ability to collect any metrics stored in your Ivanti instances, which can then be analyzed for issues, visualized in real-time dashboards using the latest in HTML5/Canvas technologies, or integrated into rich reports or predictive analytics

Configuration is easy; simply enter credentials for your Ivanti instance into a one-page wizard within FireScope and begin leveraging your Ivanti data immediately.

  • Collect and analyze health and performance metrics from your Ivanti instance to identify when additional instances may be required.
  • Evaluate trends in incidents and closure rates to refine your strategy for IT.
  • Visualize service health and related support activity from a single, real-time dashboard, customized for your operational role and personal preferences.