Definition of a Configuration Item (CI)

Verifying Compliance with Client FireScope CI and Other License Restrictions


Client is responsible for compliance with this EULA and verifying compliance with the usage restrictions in Client Order; specifically, Client is responsible for verifying compliance upon written request by FireScope (limited to one request in any twelve-month period) that Client is in compliance with any restrictions in Client license with respect to the authorized and licensed a number of FireScope CIs or other units of measure specified in the applicable Order for use by Client’s internal IT or other business operations.

A FireScope Configuration Item (CI) means any network-based component that is monitored and/or managed to deliver an IT service; such as a virtual or host server, computer, laptop, router, switch, storage medium, etc. If FireScope discovers a device, via the device responding with its IP Address and FireScope monitors that device going forward, it is a counted FireScope CI. In the event certain types of FireScope CI’s are discovered, but Client chooses to not monitor them, by disabling them; e.g. IP Phones, they are not counted as FireScope CI’s against Client’s EULA. Networked based elements are counted as one FireScope CI for each IP address.