Cloud Migration Intelligence You Can Depend On

Enterprise viability and customer perception depend upon a Cloud migration strategy that ensures all IT assets and their dependencies are accounted for as you consider the migration of your customer-facing applications to “a” Cloud.   It doesn’t matter “which” Cloud by the way.  Moving critical applications is a Data Center Relocation on a slightly smaller scale and can’t be underestimated.

Many organizations count on overworked personnel to track data in spreadsheets and keep increasingly complex information up to date in manual tools and various formats.  Ask any organization about how they assess the (1) number of data repositories, and, (2) the quality of the repositories – and you’ll likely find a shocking revelation.

A surprising number of organizations keep their asset inventory in spreadsheets (just because it’s always been that way – so it must be good) and or rely on monitoring tools (that don’t discover everything).  Counting on this level of data quality during any kind of data center event, is a recipe for disaster.

We all know spreadsheets are out of date once you update them so you can’t be certain they are accurate and monitoring tools are going to miss vital assets due to the lack of agent deployment and possibly their periodic discovery scans.

For any Data Center event – relocation, consolidation, divestiture, cloud – data quality is king.

Leverage authoritative data with Data Center event skills – and you have a winning combination.  FireScope has both Data and Skills covered.

FireScope uses a unique Persistent Observation technology that discovers application dependency changes over time, gathering even unsuspected dependency intelligence critical to successful data center migrations and reliable on-going service delivery.

Learn more about the inefficiencies of current discovery methods, how FireScope’s Persistent Observation technology will provide authoritative information, and how FireScope Cloud Migrations Services can provide a Data Center Migration experience your organization can count on.

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