About FireScope

Mission Statement:

FireScope’s vision is to be the world leader in aligning customer’s technology performance to their business and customer experiences through highly innovative, on-demand solutions.

The Genesis of FireScope

FireScope was born out of the realization that the enterprise technology discovery and monitoring market was broken. After years of managing some of the largest technology environments in the world, the seasoned IT operators that founded FireScope had collectively used virtually every approach to IT operations management and recognized fundamental flaws that were severely undermining their fellow IT professionals and business owners.

As they saw it, enterprises for the last quarter century had only two possible strategies for ITOM: 1) Invest massive amounts of time and money into complex solution suites from IBM, CA Technologies (aka Broadcom), HP (now owned by Micro Focus) or BMC and suffer integration challenges, maintenance nightmares and failed promises or, 2) Purchase dozens or hundreds of point solutions from various niche vendors, each focused on a small subset of the environment, and suffer from the lack of a consistent, holistic view of the enterprise.  Either path left IT professionals in a reactive, firefighting posture that contributed to low organizational credibility for IT.  Fast-forward to today and FireScope has delivered a third option.

Just as ServiceNow and SalesForce previously disrupted the Incident Management and CRM markets through the innovative use of cloud technologies, FireScope has done the same for the Enterprise Discovery and Monitoring market.   Finally, organizations can achieve a single system of record with FireScope’s Service Discovery and monitoring, with a single, cloud-based product that offers the depth, breadth and scale of a large suite, but with none of the pain.

Company Snapshot

Company Name:  FireScope, Inc.

Corporate Address:

412 Olive Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Corporate Locations:

  • Huntington Beach, CA (Accounting, Finance)
  • Carrollton, TX (Research and Development Center)
  • London, UK
  • Sydney, AU

Founded:  August 2006


  • Service Asset & Configuration Management (SACM)
  • ITSM (IT Service Management)
  • ITOM (IT Operations Management)
  • DDM (Discovery and Dependency Mapping)

Funding: Private

Executive Management Team:

About FireScope

With the growing complexity of hybrid cloud, virtualization, containers and micro services, organizations are finding it extremely difficult to move data centers, implement a new DR site or migrate to the cloud. That’s because they are relying on tools with older discovery techniques each with siloed and incomplete inventories that only provide a snapshot in time.

As a result, it’s extremely difficult to perform regulatory audits, implement change management, make informed business decisions or plan successful cloud migrations.

FireScope is a SaaS-based solution that automatically discovers and maps business services and the dependencies across shared cloud and on-site infrastructure. What’s unique about FireScope is that it sees changes happening in near real-time and can notify of unauthorized and authorized changes that can disrupt service delivery.

In just hours, FireScope delivers a service focused view including operating systems and versions, server to server communication details, applications and more. FireScope intelligently syncs CIs and attributes in near real-time with CMDB and ITSM solutions such as Cherwell and ServiceNow for faster incident resolution and higher customer satisfaction.

FireScope helps reduce risk, secure your services, plan successful cloud migrations and avoid costly service disruptions.

Our Customers

Since FireScope’s founding in late 2006, business owners across the globe, in IT related services of the Mid-Enterprise and Global 2000 have turned to FireScope for vital, real-time intelligence on their technology. Our primary focus is on four key markets: Financial Services, Insurance, Retail and Technology.

Global 1000 financial services firms rely on FireScope for insight into their trading platforms to support record-setting trade volumes through the most financially turbulent times in recent memory. Insurance companies leverage FireScope to better understand how their customers perceive the performance of their claims processing service, and in just 2-clicks diagnose any sources of degradation. Retail giants depend on FireScope to quantify the financial implications of technology issues, prioritize efforts based on business risk factors and align technology capacity expansion with forecasted business growth. Technology firms use FireScope’s ability to collect and analyze massive amounts of unstructured data to gain new insights into the relationship between technology performance and customer behaviors.