White Paper - Emerging Security Threats Demand Comprehensive Infrastructure Monitoring

Executive Summary

A multi-billion dollar cyber crime industry is changing the security landscape. Targeted external and internal attacks that steal intellectual property, customer data, and money are on the rise— impacting corporations’ bottom lines and their reputations with customers. Malicious code is entering the environment more rapidly than patches can be deployed and through avenues that network perimeter monitoring can’t detect.

Preventing these attacks requires real-time monitoring of the entire infrastructure, aggregating data from point security solutions, servers, and networks into a single, unified view. By establishing a baseline, IT departments can more rapidly identify anomalies that indicate threats.

Firescope appliances deliver the business intelligence necessary to address today’s threats. IT managers can view a comprehensive, real-time picture of security and infrastructure events through an easy-to-use, customizable Web portal. By collecting, analyzing, and reporting data from existing security and monitoring installations, Firescope enables IT managers to detect and respond to threats more quickly, without additional manpower or proprietary software development.

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