White Paper - Ten Vital Questions Every Business Owner Should be Asking IT

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Technology can no longer be relegated to cost-center status within the modern Enterprise. Increasingly, organizations are identifying that the majority of their customers are interacting with their technology than with their people, making your technology your most important brand ambassador. As a result, the performance of your technology has become a critical factor in the success of your business. But there's an even more important reason. Technology innovation, when integrated into your larger go to market strategy, can unlock new possibilities for business growth.

Unfortunately, technologists and business leaders have long suffered from communications issues. Too often, technology professionals seem to be speaking a foreign language that frustrates business owners. Conversely, information Technology leaders often feel ignored or lack opportunities to contribute to big picture discussions. This white paper describes 10 vital questions every business owner should be asking IT to help foster a frank and constructive discussion to improve alignment between IT and the business.