White Paper - Realizing ROI from a Comprehensive Monitoring Solution

Executive Summary

IT organizations are facing increasing pressure to deliver excellence with fewer resources. As the IT workforce is challenged to maintain service levels, more often than not, strategic tasks give way to the immediate demands of day-to-day troubleshooting. Availability and security must remain the top priority since data breaches and downtime directly impact revenue, customer confidence, and employee productivity. To free resources for long-range planning and innovation, IT groups must find more efficient ways to keep the business running.

Time and again, experts have shown that leveraging a single view of the health and security of the IT infrastructure contributes significantly to IT efficiency. Real-time monitoring of critical systems ensures IT managers can prevent or respond to issues quickly. An aggregated view of the data assists IT in minimizing the challenges of cross-departmental communication. The data that is captured also feeds long-range strategic planning and compliance monitoring. However, many comprehensive monitoring systems use costly proprietary code that requires a specialist to install and manage. The benefits are clear, but the return on investment may take years to realize.

The FireScope appliance and application make complete, real time, end-to-end monitoring of your IT operations accessible, with an ROI that can be calculated in just months. Built on open source code, FireScope costs far less than proprietary code and can be implemented without a specialist. For a fraction of the cost of one burdened headcount, Firescope can improve efficiency by 35%-65%, enabling IT to focus resources on priority areas.

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