White Paper - The End of Complexity

An Easier, More Agile Alternative to CA's Complex Enterprise Management Suite

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For the past twenty years, the Big-4 (BMC, IBM, HP and CA Software) have dominated the enterprise monitoring market as they were perceived to be the only path to achieving an integrated approach to IT Service Management, forcing customers to endure massive investments in time and money that in the end failed to deliver on their promised value. CA Technologies, formerly CA, Inc. and formerly Computer Associates International, has been especially hard-pressed to remain relevant in the modern data center. For over 35 years the organization has relied on acquisitions to expand their capabilities, but this approach has led to mounting integration challenges and requires significant investments of time and resources from customers to maintain while failing to deliver on the promise of fully integration ITSM.

This white paper will describe why CA Technologies' Enterprise Management suite is constraining its customers' potential, discuss the massive transformations sweeping the modern enterprise, as well as describe an easier, more cost effective and agile approach to IT Service Management through the tight integration between FireScope and ServiceNow.