White Paper - Achieve BSM with a Dispersed Infrastructure

Manage business impact beyond the data center to drive revenue and efficiency

Long lines mean lost sales; and a frustrating customer experience today becomes a lost sale tomorrow. In short,well-performing point of sale systems and kiosks are essential to delivering prompt, positive customer service in branch offices and local outlets. Despite the importance of customer-facing technology, most enterprise monitoring and measurement tools provide little to no insight into how well these dispersed assets are performing.

IT organizations that employ a Business Service Management (BSM) approach must be able to measure the impact of all systems. Point of sale systems are an essential component in a critical revenue-generating process and these dispersed IT assets often produce inefficiencies in terms of maintenance and repair costs. To accurately prove their value to the enterprise, IT must have data to quantify the impact dispersed systems have on key business processes, revenue, and cost.

Traditionally however, IT has only focused monitoring and measurement on the area where most assets are concentrated—the data center. Tracking asset performance at geographically dispersed locations has been too resource intensive or has prohibitively impacted WAN performance.

FireScope Sentinel offers a breakthrough to enable even limited IT staffs to extend their view across globally dispersed assets. With a minimal resource footprint, this application collects and reports event information and performance metrics on up to 25 networked assets at each location where it is installed. FireScope’s complete BSM solution of appliances and applications delivers a deeper perspective than any other Business Service Management solution for virtually an unlimited number of assets located anywhere around the globe.

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