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Free White Paper - Automated IT Service Dependency Mapping Essential to Success in 2017

Automated IT Service Dependency Mapping Essential to Success in 2017

With the economy recovering in full swing, many IT organizations are finally receiving proper funding to start long-delayed projects. However, many of these projects are severely impaired or potentially doomed from the start due to a lack of detailed knowledge of IT service dependencies. All too often, IT leaders are forced to make decisions based on spreadsheets or Visio diagrams that may be years out of date. At a minimum, this will result in a failure to achieve desirable project outcomes; at worst this can lead to costly and highly visible outages.

Free White Paper - Preventing Storms in Your Hybrid Cloud

Preventing Storms in Your Hybrid Cloud

IDC predicts that 80% of Enterprises will commit to a hybrid cloud architecture by 2017. However, even though hybrid clouds are overwhelmingly popular, 63% of CIOs and IT decision makers struggle to execute their vision for the cloud. This white paper will explore the often ignored or forgotten aspects of IT Service configuration that must be clearly documented in order to minimize the risks to any hybrid cloud strategy. Several high profile cloud implementation failures will be analyzed that underscore the need for adequate documentation. Finally, we will explore how emerging technologies have eliminated the cost, security risks and massive effort that have traditionally been barriers to achieving automated documentation and tracking of IT service dependencies.

Free White Paper - The Top Four Risks to CMDB Success

The Top Four Risks to CMDB Success

Configuration Management Databases are IT's White Whale; massive efforts have been undertaken with success largely slipping through most organizations' grasps. Even decades after the concept's origination, and massive technological revolutions, CMDBs are still considered a four-letter word at most enterprises. With effective mitigation strategies leveraging automated discovery with dependency mapping, these four risk factors can be eliminated and ensure that CMDB projects are properly equipped for success. This white paper explores each of these risks in detail and how to surmount them.

Free Technical White Paper - Key Questions to Ask a Dependency Discovery Vendor

Key Questions to Ask a Dependency Discovery Vendor

On the surface, many discovery and dependency mapping solutions may appear to be identical. Under the surface, however, there are many different approaches to collecting the data necessary to map service dependencies, and many come with trade offs that can lead to project failure, but only after the contracts are signed. This guide presents key questions to ask a dependency discovery vendor to ensure that the solution is a right fit for your environment, your security policies and project requirements.

Free White Paper - A Realistic Roadmap to Lifting IT's Game

A Realistic Roadmap to Lifting IT's Game

Emerging cloud technologies and maturing best practices now offer a roadmap that eliminate most of the barriers that have kept organizations trapped in reactionary postures. This white paper describes Firescope’s approach and how it is able to avoid the weaknesses of previous approaches.

Free White Paper - Redefining IT Success

Redefining IT Success

While business leaders readily acknowledge that technology is critical to the business, the SLAs, outage reports and budget plans that IT has historically relied on to report to the business offer no measurable insight into this value. If IT leaders can clearly communicate this value, defensive conversations become focused on growing that value, IT expenses become investments and technology professionals can gain a seat at the table when major decisions are being made. This white paper will evaluate key opportunities for how IT measures and communicate success, leveraging lessons from departments that are achieving budget growth to transform the way IT is viewed by the business and in the process reverse the trend of shrinking budgets and low organizational credibility.

Free White Paper - Tackling the Business Challenges of Unstructured Data

Tackling the Business Challenges of Unstructured Data

More data was created in the last two years than the previous 5,000 years of humanity. In 2017, we will create even more data in one year alone. Clearly, enterprises don't have a problem generating data, but getting the most out of this data has been a consistent problem. The challenge is not just in reliably accessing much of this data, but integrating multiple sources of unstructured data, achieving real-time visibility and automated analysis for trends, patterns and anomalies. The implications are wide spread; operational agility is inhibited, business decisions are based on insufficient or stale data, and blind spots in technology performance that lead to repeated incidents and outages. This white paper explores the challenges of 3 FireScope customers, and how FireScope enabled them to easily aggregate this data to achieve new insights into the relationships between technology performance and customer experiences.

Free White Paper - Ten Vital Questions Every Business Owner Should be Asking IT

Ten Vital Questions Every Business Owner Should be Asking IT

Technology can no longer be relegated to cost-center status within the modern Enterprise. Increasingly, organizations are identifying that the majority of their customers are interacting with their technology than with their people, making your technology your most important brand ambassador. As a result, the performance of your technology has become a critical factor in the success of your business. But there's an even more important reason. Technology innovation, when integrated into your larger go to market strategy, can unlock new possibilities for business growth. This white paper describes 10 vital questions every business owner should be asking IT to help foster a frank and constructive discussion to improve alignment between IT and the business.

Free White Paper - Crafting a Business Case for Event and Incident Automation

Crafting a Business Case for Event and Incident Automation

Considering that American businesses suffer from 1,661,321 hours of downtime a year with an average financial hit of $181,770/hr due to lost revenue and productivity, clearly there is value to the business if this can be significantly reduced. The key is proving the value in a way that C-suite officers can relate to.

Free Technical White Paper - Managing Customer Perception of Online Banking

Managing Customer Perception of Online Banking

In the first quarter of 2011, online banking volumes across the top 10 banks grew to more than 65 Million liquid deposit account (LDA) customers, double the number from 2004 and growing fast. In addition to checking their account balances, nearly two-thirds of these customers are using online bill pay, and other online services are seeing growing adoption rates while traffic at traditional bank outlets is dropping considerably. While this certainly improves customer flexibility, such as being able to conduct business with your organization from across the globe at any hour, and reduces costs for the bank, it introduces a major new issue that must be addressed - specifically how to measure and manage customer perception when technology is the new customer service representative.

Free Technical White Paper - Integrating Social Media into E-Commerce Management

Integrating Social Media into E-Commerce Management

According to a May 2012 ComScore survey "Online Shopping Customer Experience Study," approximately 75 million people buy goods online over the course of a business quarter, spending over $43 Billion in just the 2nd quarter of 2012. However, these users have high expectations. Forty percent of consumers will wait no more than 3 seconds for a page to begin loading before they abandon a website. Additionally, while less than 2% of customers who experience an issue with completing a transaction will report it to your organization, an estimated 17% will post a comment on their preferred social media platform. In an era where technology is the new customer service representative, and where customers can communicate their dissatisfaction to an audience of millions in mere seconds, online retailers must rethink how they are managing their technology.

Free Technical White Paper - The Anatomy of a Top-Down Approach

The Anatomy of a Top-Down Approach

The average enterprise suffers 2.3 outages per year, each lasting 1 hour and requiring an additional 2 hours to restore services to 90% of normal operation. Each outage costs the business between $90,000 per hour in the media sector to about $6.48 million per hour for large online brokerages. In 74% of these cases, IT was unaware of these issues until users called the helpdesk. These compelling numbers highlight that there is indeed room for improvement in the way organizations manage their technology environments. And it must be done soon. The costs of an outage have grown considerably from similar studies performed in 2009 and 2010 as businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on technology to support business growth. This technical white paper takes a deep dive into FireScope's Top-Down approach to service management, which begins at the business outcome and user experience and works down through the underlying technology to provide more meaningful analysis of performance, is just the type of new thinking that the industry needs.

Free White Paper - Achieve BSM with a Dispersed Infrastructure

Achieve BSM with a Dispersed Infrastructure

Point of sale systems and other customer-facing technology are essential elements in the enterprise's ability to generate revenue and to manage operations efficiently. Despite their importance, most IT enterprise monitoring systems provide little to no insight into the performance of assets at dispersed locations, such as branch offices and retail locations. Without measurable data on dispersed assets, IT organizations employing a Business Service Management (BSM) approach cannot fully evaluate their impact on revenue and costs. FireScope Sentinel offers a breakthrough that enables even limited IT staffs to extend their view into virtually an unlimited number of assets located anywhere around the globe.

Free White Paper - Agile BSM Solutions Speed Alignment of IT and Corporate Goals

Agile BSM Solutions Speed Alignment of IT and Corporate Goals

This white paper provides a high-level overview of what Business Service Management is, the value it delivers to business, as well as a summary of the biggest hurdles businesses face when trying to achieve BSM.