Prevent Problems

Virtually every service failure presented early symptoms that, had the right people known about, could have helped prevent the outage. With FireScope, these early symptoms are instantly identified and automated remediation efforts begin.


  • Monitor the complete service stack, from User Experiences to Environmentals.
  • All technology and business data is normalized into a single repository, enabling easier correlation of events across technology, geographical or vendor silos.
  • Complex trend and event analysis quickly identifies abnormal conditions and their potential for impacting user experiences, enabling prioritization based on business impact.
  • Events are filtered by physical and logical dependency to prevent event storms (receiving hundreds of notifications related to a single event) and to enable 2-clicks to root-cause.
  • Predictive analytics enables forecasts of future requirements, enabling organizations to avoid issues caused by insufficient capacity.

Example Use Case: Preventing Issues with FireScope

Attribute Data Collected


Real-Time Event Analysis

  • Data normalized into standard format
  • Multiple trends calculated and stored
  • Event definitions associated with attribute are evaluated
  • Policies and SLAs associated with attribute are evaluated

Event Suppression

  • Are dependent CI's in a failed state?
  • Is there an active maintenance window on affected assets?

Automation / Response

  • Detected events trigger Incident creation in ServiceNow
  • Code executed on asset to attempt automated remediation
  • Email/SMS notifications sent to appropriate personnel


The Cost of Doing Nothing is Too Great

The average enterprise suffers 2.3 outages per year, each lasting 1 hour and requiring an additional 2 hours to restore services to 90% of normal operation. Each outage costs the business between $90,000 per hour in the media sector to about $6.48 million per hour for large online brokerages, ultimately adding up to over $6.2 Trillion in losses world-wide. In 74% of these cases, IT was unaware of these issues until users called the helpdesk.

These compelling numbers make it clear that there is room for improvement in the way organizations manage their technology environments. And it must be done soon, as these costs are only going to rise as businesses become increasingly reliant on technology.

FireScope's unique Top-Down approach as well as its depth, breadth and scale make it ideally suited to help organizations get ahead of issues before users are impacted and therefore avoid millions in losses.




Anatomy of an Incident

For more information, we invite you to check out our infographic titled "Anatomy of an Incident" that highlights the time and money that can be saved through early identification of issues and automation.