Get The Big Picture with FireScope

Many emerging cloud-based monitoring solutions claim to provide end-to-end event management, yet when the marketing hype clears, in reality they only have visibility into the application or user experience layers. What about the network, storage infrastructure or compute layer? This isn't end-to-end visibility. The virtual and physical infrastructure where the application lives must be included, regardless of whether it's on-premise or hosted by a cloud provider.

FireScope Stratis is the only cloud-based, big data monitoring platform that has the depth, breadth and scale needed to deliver the big picture of the health and performance of your critical services.


  • Over 20+ native data collection protocols ranging from SNMP (v1-v3), JMX, user experience testing, rich agents and a wide range of third-party API's provide a more complete picture of service health.
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based deployment enables you to have your first dashboards on day-one (also available in onsite configurations).
  • Big Data architecture avoids the well known scale, redundancy and performance limitations of relational databases (e.g. Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL).
  • Distributed nature and massive scale enables support for truly massive environments without sacrificing on depth or performance.



The Status Quo Has Failed

The average enterprise has over 16 different monitoring tools, each focused on different technology silos or aspects of the environment. As issues occur, each functional team looks at their own tools, sees nothing wrong within their area of responsibility, and the blame game begins. Valuable time is lost just trying to isolate the issue, time that costs the business millions and hurts IT's organizational credibility. Clearly, this is unsustainable.

By achieving a single source of truth across the enterprise, FireScope can help organizations eliminate the blame game and therefore avoid millions in losses. From this single dashboard, IT can drill down to the source of issues in just two clicks, regardless of which technology silo is involved. And as a bonus, the solution accomplishes this without introducing more servers and applications that require updates and maintenance, thanks to it's SaaS delivery model.


  • Identify, respond and resolve issues faster and more effectively with a single source of truth for monitoring across your entire, global enterprise.
  • Plan and budget more effectively and with less manual effort by consolidating all IT reporting into a single interface.
  • Improve communication and collaboration across IT by getting everyone on the same page.

One Platform, Many Use Cases

Business Owners, Line of Business Heads

Business owners know that technology delivers value, but possess little to no visibility into precisely what that value is. Traditional IT reporting such as SLAs only focus on how often IT didn't fail. With FireScope Stratis, technology performance is communicated in terms that business leaders can easily understand and promotes better communication between IT and the business.

  • Transparent, real-time view into the health of the technology services supporting each line of business.
  • Insight into the financial implications of performance and availability issues.
  • Improved visibility into how technology investments are supporting business growth.


Business Analysts

FireScope Stratis' ability to blend business and technology data and apply historic, real-time or predictive analysis is uniquely suited to provide business analysts - both inside and outside IT - with new insights with a minimum of effort.

  • Ability to gather virtually any data from any source, without writing code.
  • Real-time, historic and predictive analytics capabilities.
  • Drag and drop report writing as well as dozens of complex analytical algorithms.


IT Management

The rich analytics capabilities available in FireScope Stratis enable IT management to gain fresh insights into exactly what is required to deliver user experiences, and to model future requirements based on business growth.

  • Improved communication and collaboration with business owners.
  • Consistent, accurate IT-business analytics across all teams.
  • Visibility into user perception and business outcomes to communicate and drive the business value of technology.


IT Engineers & Specialists

Most organizations utilize a dozen or more point solutions to manage their critical environments, forcing IT professionals to consult at least a half-dozen interfaces to troubleshoot a single issue. With FireScope Stratis, all this can be performed from a single interface, simplifying incident response and putting an end to the blame game.

  • Line of sight between personal efforts and business outcomes and goals.
  • Proactive alerting of service performance degradation, enabling response before users are impacted.
  • Root-cause in 2-clicks enables more time for business driving projects.


Featured White Paper:
Anatomy of a Top-Down Approach

The average enterprise suffers 2.3 outages per year, each lasting 1 hour and requiring an additional 2 hours to restore services to 90% of normal operation. Each outage costs the business between $90,000 per hour in the media sector to about $6.48 million per hour for large online brokerages. In 74% of these cases, IT was unaware of these issues until users called the helpdesk. These compelling numbers indicate that there is indeed room for improvement in the way organizations manage their technology environments.

This white paper will describe FireScope's Top-Down approach, and the unique capabilities integrated in the solution that are designed to make configuration easier and faster. Get it now.

Global Visibility

FireScope Stratis leverages Edge devices that reside at each of your business locations which perform discovery and data collection and push the resulting data to the central FireScope Stratis cloud via secure connectivity. From there, the incoming data is analyzed - across a highly distributed infrastructure to maximize performance - for events, SLA's, capacity, trends, performance and more. Due to the use of multiple message queues, data transfer is guarranteed loss-less and edge devices also have the means of caching data locally in case connectivity is interrupted.


  • Consolidate and standardize your monitoring across all data centers and business units.
  • Based on industry standard Messaging technology, allowing large amounts of data to be transferred in a guaranteed manner.
  • Synchronization Health provides administrators a concise view of the integrity of data and events.
  • Smart data recovery for connectivity loss ensures accurate evaluation of data trending and SLA calculation.


Harnessing Unstructured Data

Modern applications, and their supporting infrastructure, are generating massive amounts of data every day. Unfortunately, much of this data doesn't fit into pre-defined data models or is not accessible through traditional protocols, making it virtually impossible for IT to effectively use. This is unfortunate, as considerable value can be gained if organizations can harness this unstructured data.

FireScope Stratis specializes in collecting data that was previously inaccessible. With an extensive menu of data collection capabilities, the conversation is never "Can FireScope access this data," but instead "What would you like to do with your data."

  • Direct Data Payload and Web Service capabilities enable developers to push data directly to FireScope for real-time event analysis and performance trending.
  • Over 20+ native data collection methodologies enable the solution to access any data, regardless of format or protocol.
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) facilitates data normalization, enabling data from different sources and different formats to be evaluated in an apples-to-apples way.