FireScope Use Cases

Organizations are facing new challenges that legacy monitoring tools are ill-equipped to handle. New vendors are emerging with cloud-based, application-centric visibility, yet leave significant gaps in coverage and lack the scale necessary to support today's massive technology environments. Only FireScope combines the best of both worlds - the agility and speed of cloud delivery with the depth and breadth of legacy monitoring suites.


Get the Big Picture

Many emerging cloud-based monitoring solutions claim to provide end-to-end event management, yet when the marketing hype clears, in reality they only have visibility into the application or user experience layers. What about the network, storage infrastructure or compute layer? This isn't end-to-end visibility. The virtual and physical infrastructure where the application lives must be included, regardless of whether it's on-premise or hosted by a cloud provider.

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Prevent Problems

Virtually every service failure presented early symptoms that, had the right people known about, could have helped prevent the outage. With FireScope, these early symptoms are instantly identified and automated remediation efforts begin.

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Optimize Spending

Organizations have always struggled with finding the right balance between costs and performance, and with the emergence of public and hybrid cloud options, this has only become more complicated. This is largely due to a lack of a consistent and reliable picture of how an organization's technology directly contributes to user experiences and revenue streams. As a result, business leaders are all too often forced to over spend on infrastructure.

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Reduce Workload

FireScope was designed to use automation wherever possible to reduce your workload and help you focus on business driving projects. The solution maintains itself, with the ability to dynamically scale as needed based on the volume of data collected in your environment, concurrent user activity and data retention configurations. Our integration partnerships have also been carefully selected with a focus on opportunities to automate incident response and capacity trends, to enable you to achieve a self-sustaining technology environment.

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