The FireScope Academy

FireScope Stratis Technical Administrator Training

COURSE DESCRIPTION: FireScope Stratis Technical Administrator Certification is an instructor-led training course in a classroom setting. This comprehensive, one-week course provides theoretical and hands-on application and simulation training, followed by in-depth interactive review and student dashboard presentations. At the end of this course, participants will have the required expertise to configure, operate, maintain and interface with FireScope’s Stratis solution.

PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of FireScope’s Stratis Dojo Online Course for End Users. Please contact the FireScope Training Team ( to schedule your Dojo training session. Exceptions must be presented and approved by VP of Sales Ops & Training.


Day One:
    FireScope Company & Solutions Introduction
  • Training Team Introductions
  • Training Agenda & Program Schedule
  • FireScope Core Message & Business Value

    FireScope Stratis Solution Foundations
  • Solution WorkFlow Architecture
  • Virtual Appliance and Physical Appliance Overview
  • FireScope Solution Key Terms and Definitions
  • Demo

    Training Environment Setup & Access
  • Discuss training setup
  • AMI- Appliance Management Interface
  • LABS

Day Two:
    Configuring FireScope Stratis
  • Setting up Configuration Items
  • Configuring Attributes
  • Defining Events and Configuring Notifications
  • Building Visual Controls
  • Workbook: Lab Activity

Day Three:
    Introduction to Service Groups & Logical Groups
  • Functionality and Value of each
  • Relationship between Service Groups, Logical Groups, and Configuration Items
  • Best Practices and Customer Examples
  • Workbook: Lab Activity

    Device Templates & Import/Export
  • Functional Importance of Templates
  • Workbook: Lab Activity

Day Four:
    FireScope Stratis Dashboard
  • Basic Dashboard Page Functions and Elements
  • Viewing, Creating, and Organizing Private, Shared and Public Pages
  • Features and Functions of "My Spaces"
  • Basic Administrator Controls
  • Workbook: Lab Activity

  • FireScope's Discovery Feature Highlights
  • Workbook: Lab Activity

  • Report Features and Functions
  • Report Types
  • Viewing Reports
  • Building Custom Reports

    Advanced Concepts and Options
  • User Experience Checks
  • Enterprise Service Bus Functionality
  • Advance Concepts & Functions
  • Workbook: Lab Activity

Day Five:
  • Dashboard Presentations & Discussion
  • Closing Comments & Departures