The FireScope Academy

FireScope Unify Technical Administrator Training

COURSE DESCRIPTION: FireScope Orchestrate Administrator Training program is an instructor-led training course in a classroom setting. This comprehensive, three-day course provides theoretical and hands-on application and simulation training, followed by in-depth interactive review. 

At the end of this course, you will be proficient in modeling, populating, maintaining, and utilizing your FireScope Orchestrate configuration management database.

PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of FireScope’s Orchestrate Dojo Online Course for End Users. Please contact the FireScope Training Team ( to schedule your Dojo training session. Exceptions must be presented and approved by VP of Sales Ops & Training.


Day One:
  • What is a CMDB?
  • CMDB is not asset management – what’s unique about CMDB
  • CMDB Basics/Essentials: What can you accomplish w/Orchestrate?
  • Your CMDB Objectives
  • Key Terms (CI, MDR, Federation)
  • Deployment process roadmap
  • People involved (executive sponsor, multi-discipline team, CAB)
  • Process before software
  • Deploying Orchestrate VM or Appliance
  • Configuration management first, then Change, then reports and dashboards.
  • Modeling
  • Components (CI-Types, Attributes, Relationships, Inheritance, Attribute Groups)
  • Stock model – breadth and scope
  • Creating new CI-Types, extending existing CI-Types
  • Best practices
Day Two:
  • Modeling
  • Populating CMDB
  • Process description
  • Federation, Discovery, Manual Data Entry
  • Data Integrity Scoring and Reconciliation
  • Integrating with Change Management
  • Integration with FireScope Unify
  • Building a Data Center Visualization
Day Three:
  • Change Management
  • Building a Change Plan, etc. Exercises
  • Reporting & Dashboards
  • Exercises
  • Auditing Change
  • Security
  • Maintenance and Upkeep
  • “Take Home VM’s”