FireScope Solutions for Shared Services

Organizations moving to a Shared Services operating model are often finding that their legacy tools are more hinderance than help. The need to consult different tools for different technology or vendor silos and the lack of a holistic picture run against the core concepts of the Shared Services model. Fortunately, FireScope offers a proven alternative.


FireScope Supports Shared Services Operations By:




Top-Down Approach

The key to delivering superior online experiences for your users and customers requires analyzing performance from their perspective and measuring applications as a whole instead of a siloed collection of devices and servers. Unfortunately, most solutions take a 'Bottom-Up' approach that starts with network discovery and applies monitoring to everything possible. In this approach, everything looks important, leading IT to waste time and energy troubleshooting issues that have no impact on customers.

FireScope takes a 'Top-Down' approach that starts at the intersection between your technology and your customers. This typically involves starting with key business outcome metrics or User Experiences and moves down the service stack. Because we are starting from business outcomes and user experiences, each asset in the underlying environment can be managed in a more meaningful manner; specifically how that asset contributes to user experiences and business outcomes. As a result, IT can directly attribute which events are impacting customers and which can be de-prioritized, leading to more efficient operations.

For more information, we invite you to read our technical white paper Anatomy of a Top-Down Approach that describes in great detail our unique approach.



Multi-Tenancy for Shared Services

Not everything in the Shared Services model is shared. Often, business units have regulatory, security or business requirements to keep their data segmented. FireScope's native multi-tenancy capability makes it possible to maintain a single monitoring platform, yet still keep data securely segmented.

  • Data can be segmented virtually or physically to support any multi-tenancy architecture and regulatory requirements.
  • Not necessary to install a new implementation for each new customer, reducing the effort to implement new customers.
  • Can be deployed in a Very Large Instance (VLI) that supports many customers across multiple clouds.
  • Automation enables zero-touch implementation of new customers.
  • Smart data recovery for synchronization connection loss ensures accurate evaluation of data trending and SLA calculation.
  • Dynamically scalable without the need for manual effort, supports truly massive customer environments.




An Easier Alternative to Complex, Legacy Suites

For years, it has been thought that the only way to achieve enterprise-class, integrated IT Service Management was through a huge investment in money and time in a Big-4 (IBM, CA Technologies, HP, BMC) suite. Yet, the majority of enterprises using Big-4 (IBM, CA Technologies, BMC, HP) monitoring and management tools are disappointed with the value they've received after all the time and money they've invested.

The combination of FireScope+ServiceNow offers organizations a new alternative that requires just a fraction of the cost and effort of a legacy suite, while sacrificing none of the capabilities. Furthermore, as both solutions are offered in a SaaS model, you don't have to spend any time updating and maintaining the solutions themselves!

  • Complete, 360-degree view of the IT service lifecycle, encompassing asset management, CMDB, enterprise monitoring, incident management and automation - achieved with only 2 products.
  • Dashboards in days rather than months or years and leverages extensive automation to reduce or eliminate ongoing configuration work.
  • None of the integration risks inherent in the Big-4 suite approach that requires upwards of 18 products.
  • Enterprise scalability and performance running on an environment that you don't have to manage!


A graphic example of the agility and rapid time to value FireScope delivers can be seen in this case study from Suncorp, where FireScope delivered a single view for their Business Critical Insurance Claims Platform in just 5 days, achieving what a Big4 vendor failed to accomplish after over 12 months of effort.