Realize a Service-Aware CMDB with FireScope DDM


Imagine what you could achieve if your CMDB was service aware, always up to date and required no effort to keep up. That’s the power of FireScope Discovery and Dependency Mapping.

  • Make your CMDB Service-Aware. Enhance your Cherwell Service Management or ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) through automated federation from FireScope DDM.
  • Eliminate Unknowns. All too often, organizations only realize the critical role of a server when it goes down. Only real-time dependency discovery can eliminate the fog of war in today’s constantly changing datacenter.
  • Centralize to a Single Source of Truth. Discover service-endpoints and their dependencies by their network connectivity, then federate with Cherwell CMDB, with continual change monitoring to adapt as service topologies evolve.
  • Transform Change Planning. Automated dependency discovery takes the guess work out of measuring the potential impact of a proposed change, and enables avoiding re-work or outages caused by mis-configuration.
  • Simplify Incident and Problem Management. More accurate and deeper service configuration knowledge enables organizations to radically reduce the time it takes to identify, trace and respond to issues that are impacting your business and your users.

Compare FireScope DDM to the Competition

  By Hand BMC Discovery
(Formerly ADDM)
ServiceNow ServiceWatch FireScope DDM
Deployment Complex on-premise installation Cloud-based Deployment Cloud-based Deployment
Auto-detection of service entry points
Requires remote administrative privileges    
Primary discovery done via agent- and script-less technology
Scope includes network, virtual and physical topology if network, virtualization teams involved Partial
Able to discover and map custom applications out-of-the-box dependent on who is involved
Dependency mapping enriched with multiple discovery engines send multiple emails, hope for response
Able to identify service topology changes as they occur changes detected after outages occur
Integration with CMDB more work