Is Monitoring Too Hard, Too Expensive?

There's an easier way to achieve integrated IT Service Management

For organizations investigating the right toolset to monitor and manage their complex IT environment, the IT Operations Management (ITOM) market can seem like a maze of confusing options. With price points ranging from free to seven-figures, it can be a challenge to find the right balance between cost and the right degree of visibility.

We see many organizations trying to save money by purchasing the bare minimum of what they need to get early warning for the known issues that have previously plagued operations. However, within months these same organizations begin to discover gaps in visibility that necessitate purchasing an additional solution, then another, and then another. Once licensing, implementation and customization costs are all added up, they often end up spending far more than if they went with a more complete solution in the beginning.

    FireScope Advantage

  • SaaS-based delivery model eliminates the need to buy, install and maintain infrastructure dedicated to monitoring.
  • Complete coverage of the IT Service stack eliminates the need for multiple point solutions.
  • Licensing based on the number of Configuration Items (CIs) you want to monitor, with no added fees for users, storage volume, modules or add-ons.
  • Competitively priced with volume discounts, often coming in at a tenth the cost of a Big-4 solution suite without sacrificing capability.

Schedule a demo of FireScope Stratis and find out just how inexpensive the solution can be for your organization.

Lift Your IT Game

Whether you're caught in fire-fighting mode or implementing a service-oriented, predictive approach to IT, FireScope offers a wide array of capabilities to help any IT organization lift its game. Rather than invest in dozens of point solutions or complex suites, FireScope offers a single platform that evolves with you. Additionally, we have developed a realistic approach to IT maturity that

  • Best practice monitoring helps elevate IT from reactive operations, buying time and space to elevate IT maturity.
  • Powerful historic, real-time and predictive analytics aid in optimizing compute resources and more accurately determine future capacity requirements.
  • Integration of business KPIs enables analysis of the financial impact of outages and service degradations, while offering new opportunities to showcase the value IT brings to the business.