Tired of the Business Not Understanding IT's Value?

Everyone acknowledges that technology delivers value to the organization, but as long as that value cannot be quantified or clearly communicated, IT will continue to struggle for budget dollars and credibility.

FireScope is helping organizations shift to a new model of IT Service Management that focuses on outcomes and understanding the value that IT delivers on a daily basis. From cloud-based dashboards, driven by a Big Data back end, every member of IT has instant access to historic, real-time and predictive analytics that correlate the impact of technology performance on the attainment of outcomes.

    Business Value

  • Analyze, shape and communicate the ongoing value that IT provides to the business in real-time.
  • Quantify the real-time financial impact and effectiveness of business services provided by IT.
  • Blend structured and unstructured data from virtually any source to achieve a single view across the IT value chain.
  • Minimize the effect of outages and degradations of services, and help ensure that IT resources are allocated based on business priority.
  • Take advantage of best practice process and organizational improvements to enable IT to better align with the business.
  • Gain new insights into business services that allow for process and cost optimizations.
  • Predictively analyze service capacity with regard to business growth to prevent business interruptions.

Exceptional ITSM Expertise

Software alone cannot transform an IT organization from a silo- oriented, reactive posture to the ideal of a proactive, business- aligned, shared services culture. This is why FireScope has partnered with RennerBrown's ITSM process and implementation experts that evaluates our customers’ existing organization and key processes, as well as their near- and long-term goals. In partnership with our customers, they then design and help implement a customized strategy for transforming into an outcome- and customer experience- focused organization and migrate from reactive to predictive IT.

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Lift Your IT Game

Whether you're caught in fire-fighting mode or implementing a service-oriented, predictive approach to IT, FireScope offers a wide array of capabilities to help any IT organization lift its game. Rather than invest in dozens of point solutions or complex suites, FireScope offers a single platform that evolves with you. Additionally, we have developed a realistic approach to IT maturity that

  • Best practice monitoring helps elevate IT from reactive operations, buying time and space to elevate IT maturity.
  • Powerful historic, real-time and predictive analytics aid in optimizing compute resources and more accurately determine future capacity requirements.
  • Integration of business KPIs enables analysis of the financial impact of outages and service degradations, while offering new opportunities to showcase the value IT brings to the business.