FireScope Solutions for Agile and DevOps

Traditional project life cycles lasting 12-18+ months are increasingly putting organizations at a disadvantage to more nimble startups that can innovate and change direction at a faster pace. New development methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban, the move to DevOps-aligned operations and cloud-enabled automation are all contributing to a more agile business, but they introduce a new challenge for the business - when entirely new services can be planned, built and deployed on-demand, how can IT ensure optimal service delivery?

FireScope solves this problem in three ways:

  1. API-integration with VMware, NetApp, Cisco and others enables the solution to identify changes in the environment as they happen, automatically adjusting its data collection and event analysis to adapt to new, modified or decommissioned virtual machines, storage volumes and applications.
  2. Next, FireScope features a configuration web service, which an organization's automation tools can leverage as changes are implemented to automatically add the new assets to FireScope's configuration and apply the appropriate Blueprints for data collection and event analysis.
  3. Powerful, on-board discovery and topology mapping detects any other changes and automatically modifies service models accordingly, ensuring operators always have the most up to date view of their environment.


The business value of this capability is clear, enabling organizations to adapt rapidly while remaining focused on their core competencies rather than being distracted by operating IT infrastructure. But more importantly, it allows the business to respond more rapidly and effectively to changing market conditions, reducing time-to-market for new products without sacrificing on IT's ability to ensure optimal service delivery. This is an essential element in the path to elevating IT from cost center to a value-add business partner.