FireScope Solutions

FireScope Stratis represents a new breed of management solutions, one that leverages Big Data and cloud-related technologies to deliver a platform with endless growth potential in terms of both scale and capability. Instead of buying numerous point solutions, each dedicated to a single use case, FireScope Stratis offers a single platform that supports numerous use cases, ranging from real-time service performance management, to business analytics to predictive analytics. And due to a modern and easy to develop against API, you also gain the flexibility to build your own management tools.

Today, you may be looking for Service Performance Management, tomorrow you'll need IT-business analytics. FireScope Stratis delivers a single platform from which you only need to collect data once and then analyze it from many angles to better understand the relationship between technology and the business.

    One platform, many benefits:

  • Faster time to identify, trace and repair problems.
  • Better optimization of IT assets, business processes and future investments.
  • Gaining real-time, historical and predictive trends on IT services and their related business outcomes.
  • Faster time to deliver new services and greater agility for IT.
  • Faster identification of advanced threats and internal security threats and visibility into which services are impacted.
  • More efficient prediction of infrastructure capacity requirements to avoid over spending.
  • Superior financial and project planning for IT as a business.
  • Ability to build your own custom management/analytics solutions with little to no coding.

Service Performance Management

Organizations moving to a Shared Services or ITSM operating model are often finding that their legacy tools are more hinderance than help. The need to consult different tools for different technology or vendor silos and the lack of a holistic picture run against the core concepts of the Shared Services model. Fortunately, FireScope offers a proven alternative.

  • Automated discovery and mapping of your critical services, with self-configuration of best-practice performance analysis.
  • Manage the complete service stack, from end-user experiences to environmentals, from a single dashboard.
  • Drill down from service to source of impairment in 2-clicks or less.
  • Prioritize efforts based on their impact to the business as a whole.
  • Easy integration with existing management investments to automate configuration, issue resolution and more.

IT-Business Analytics

Most executives are unaware of just how much value that IT delivers on a daily basis. If IT leaders can clearly communicate this value, defensive conversations become focused on growing that value, IT expenses become investments and technology professionals can gain a seat at the table when major decisions are being made. FireScope delivers on this and more.

  • Real-time analysis into the end-to-end cost per transaction or user experience, highlighting opportunities for cost savings.
  • Aggregate business metrics such as revenue generation, transaction rates or process improvement into service dashboards to communicate to the rest of the business the real-time value that technology delivers.
  • Calculate the cost of individual service outages and performance degradation to effectively prioritize efforts based on the business criticality.
  • Predictive analytics enables leaders to execute 'what-if' scenarios to analyze the potential of new optimizations before an investment is made.

Advanced Operations Analytics

To get ahead of a constantly changing world, IT needs more than red/green lights. What's needed is the ability to dive into historic data to identify previously unseen trends, find new causal relationships and opportunities for optimization. FireScope Stratis provides this and more.

  • Self-adjusting baselines enable the solution to keep up with changing environments and external factors without requiring constant manual adjustment.
  • Genetic algorithm offers new insights into causal relationships between issues and their sources.
  • Extensive historic database with a Big Data backend that supports environments of any size.
  • Easy drag-and-drop analytics, with no need to write code or do complex mathematics by hand.

Predictive Analytics

FireScope's scope can go beyond historic and real-time analysis to include predictive analytics to help you shape your environment to support future requirements. The FireScope Analytics add-on leverages the rich historic data accumulated by FireScope Stratis to analyze consumption of your critical services and applies over a dozen predictive algorithms to project future resource requirements. All on-demand and with drag and drop ease.

  • Eliminate the weeks of manual effort required to aggregate and correlate capacity data.
  • Identify how business services consume key resources such as storage, compute and others and at what rate for planning, utilization and allocation purposes.
  • Achieve more accurate analysis of future requirements, enabling organizations to make the right purchase, at the right time to avoid over-spending.
  • On-demand nature gives IT greater agility to adapt to sudden surges caused by marketing campaigns or product launches.

Build-Your-Own-Analytics (BYOA)

FireScope Stratis provides an integrated, extensible architecture that lets you focus on building solutions rather than infrastructure. FireScope Stratis is a one of a kind, cloud-based, Big Data PaaS platform with extensive capabilities to collect and analyze massive amounts of structured and unstructured data in real-time, and empowers third-parties to leverage these capabilities to create entirely new classes of applications.

  • In most cases, applications can be built with clicks, not code, for rapid development and delivery.
  • Each customer account and application built on the platform stores data in a virtual private segment that is securely sandboxed from other applications/accounts – similar to Oracle’s VPD (Virtual Private Database).
  • For advanced use cases, REST services are available for configuration and business logic invocation.
  • Branding and linguistic customizations can be performed directly within the interface, offering each application a unique user experience without the need to write code.
  • The Stratis Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) provides framework access to unstructured data.
  • Multiple applications and/or additional customer accounts can run concurrently from a single instance of Stratis, while still offering baseline Stratis accounts.