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Organizations are facing new challenges that legacy monitoring tools are ill-equipped to handle. New vendors are emerging with cloud-based, application-centric visibility, yet leave significant gaps in coverage and lack the scale necessary to support today's massive technology environments. Only FireScope combines the best of both worlds - the agility and speed of cloud delivery with the depth and breadth of legacy monitoring suites.




Organizations moving to a Shared Services operating model are often finding that their legacy tools are more hinderance than help. The need to consult different tools for different technology or vendor silos and the lack of a holistic picture run against the core concepts of the Shared Services model. Fortunately, FireScope offers a proven alternative.

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Hybrid Clouds

While cloud-technologies are gaining traction in the enterprise, the near-term reality is that no enterprise will push every application to the cloud. In fact, few organizations will only use a single cloud provider. As a result, organizations are now implementing services whose dependencies span one or more cloud providers that rely on critical data stores and business logic that remain within corporate data centers. Furthermore, change is a near constant state for these new architectures, complicating efforts to ensure optimal service delivery.

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Modern Applications

As developers embrace Big Data and cloud-technologies to drive down latency and achieve unheard of scale, maintaining optimal user experiences after these applications reach production becomes more challenging. The challenge is not just in reliably accessing the massive amounts of data being generated by modern infrastructures, but integrating multiple sources of unstructured data, achieving real-time visibility and automated analysis for trends, patterns and anomalies. The implications are wide spread; operational agility is inhibited, business decisions are based on insufficient or stale data, and blind spots in technology performance that lead to repeated incidents and outages.

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Agile & DevOps

Traditional project life cycles lasting 12-18+ months are increasingly putting organizations at a disadvantage to more nimble startups that can innovate and change direction at a faster pace. New development methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban, the move to DevOps-aligned operations and cloud-enabled automation are all contributing to a more agile business, but they introduce a new challenge for the business - when entirely new services can be planned, built and deployed on-demand, how can IT ensure optimal service delivery?

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