Tech Briefs

FireScope Unify Tech Briefs

IT Management Virtualization Strategy

In this brief, FireScope Strategy for IT Management Virtualization is described, wherein FireScope aggregates data from all of an organizations monitoring and management solutions to provide a single, real-time view of IT operations.

Anatomy of an IT Service

For those new to IT Service Management, this tech brief describes the importance of managing IT from a service-perspective and the components that make up a typical IT service.

VMWare Integration

This brief describes how FireScope connects to the VMWare API to collect data about hosts, VMWare servers and virtual machines.

User Experience Checking

The User Experience Checker feature in FireScope Unify enables granular monitoring of web applications from the user's perspective. This brief decribes the feature in detail.

FireScope Unify Reporting

In this tech brief, you will learn about the integrated reporting capability of FireScope Unify.

Log Consolidation

Learn how FireScope Unify enables single point of consolidation of log files from multiple formats, as well as how FireScope uses log entries to identify events that impact the business outcome of IT.


In this brief, learn about FireScope Unify's integrated discovery capability that enables rapid deployment and configuration of FireScope Unify to manage your critical IT services.

Data Collection Methods

FireScope Unify includes an extensive menu of data collection methods to maximize its ability to monitor and manage every aspect of your critical IT services. In this brief, this menu of options is described.

FireScope Unify Deployment

In this brief, the deployment and configuration process of FireScope Unify is explained and compared with traditional approaches to deploying enterprise management solutions.

FireScope Unify Dashboards and Visualization

FireScope Unify includes a wide range of dashboard components and visualization capabilities, enabling each user to easily create their own highly-focused real-time view of IT operations. This document describes these capabilities.

Agent vs. Agent-Less Monitoring

Not all organizations can readily use agents to monitor and manage their critical services. In this brief, we describe FireScope's approach that empowers users to choose how they want to collect data, and the capabilities available for agent and agent-less data collection.

FireScope Workbench

This tech brief provides an overview of the FireScope Workbench product and its capabilities.


FireScope Comply Tech Briefs

FireScope Comply Overview

This brief describes FireScope Comply and our unique approach to integrating compliance with IT Operations.

Compliance Controls

Learn how FireScope Comply empowers users to better understand compliance requirements and choose their own path to automatically or administratively manage the individual controls associated with governance controls.


FireScope Orchestrate Tech Briefs

Orchestrate Visualization and Reporting Capabilities

This tech brief describes the visualization and reporting capabilities built in to FireScope Orchestrate.

Orchestrate Reconciliation Feature

The focus of this tech brief is to describe the Reconciliation capabilities in FireScope Orchestrate, and how this compares with traditional Orchestrate solutions.

Orchestrate Federation Capabilities

This brief describes FireScope Orchestrate's federation capabilities, or how it collects data from your existing data repositories, and highlights the competitive advantages of the FireScope Approach.

Orchestrate Deployment

In this brief, the deployment and form factor of FireScope Orchestrate is described, as well as how this reduces time and costs both in initial deployment and long-term maintenance.