FireScope Cloud Advisor

Cloud Advisor enables superior data center and cloud visibility

FireScope Cloud Advisor platform: continuously maps and validates all business services - automatically and at scale.

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery; immediate delivery with value on day-one.
  • Automated discovery of IT services with dependency mapping via passive network analysis.
  • Plan, track and verify your cloud migration from a single interface.
  • Application dependency discovery, minus the effort.
  • Flexible, low cost subscriptions to keep costs down.

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Our platform enables you with deeper view into your complex infrastructure for better business decisions when migrating to Cloud.

  • Map your critical services through passive network analysis; no need for admin rights or to expose your production servers to critical vulnerabilities by opening RPC ports.
  • Fully support for all versions of NetFlow, sFlow, IPFix and promiscuous mode data.
  • Continuous analysis doesn't miss the things that might not be running when a scheduled scan occurs.


Analyze your entire physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure and how everything works together to better organize and optimize your cloud journey.

  • Identify the low hanging fruit that can be quickly moved to the cloud at minimal risk and earn the quick win.
  • Take a practical, iterative approach to cloud migration by prioritizing services based on risk and complexity.
  • Know the risk of a potential move by understanding all critical IT dependencies and application flow.


Your entire infrastructure in a single pane of glass, view and map all your business services across all your physical, virtual and cloud.

  • Highly interactive visual maps of your critical services.
  • Export maps to Visio, CSV or JSON to use with other tools or in meetings.
  • See changes highlighted on your maps as they are detected.


Cloud Advisor helps make it easy to optimize resources and to stay on top of day-to-day changes in your environment.

  • Only move the resources that contribute to the business and optimize cloud costs.
  • Decommission ESX hosts early and save money, and without disrupting the business.
  • Align cloud resources with actual utilization metrics to prevent over-provisioning cloud infrastructure.


Proactively manage your business services and migrate with confidence.

  • Validate cloud migrations as they occur by tracking services across cloud / data center environments.
  • Ensure the lowest risk to your business by planning migrations more accurately.
  • Gain early success with low hanging fruit and build on that success with a realistic, iterative approach to migrations.

Implement a strategic approach to your cloud migration journey