FireScope's Unique Approach

It's not just our technology that separates FireScope from the competition. FireScope takes a radically new approach to the way organizations manage their critical services, an approach that is easier, more cost effective and yet provides deeper visibility than is possible from competing solutions. From solution delivery to the way we attack service modeling, we have rethought every aspect of enterprise monitoring to achieve a faster time to value and lower overall Total Cost of Ownership.



Top-Down Approach

The key to delivering superior online experiences for your users and customers requires analyzing performance from their perspective and measuring applications as a whole instead of a siloed collection of devices and servers. Unfortunately, most solutions take a 'Bottom-Up' approach that starts with network discovery and applies monitoring to everything possible. In this approach, everything looks important, leading IT to waste time and energy troubleshooting issues that have no impact on customers.

FireScope takes a 'Top-Down' approach that starts at the intersection between your technology and your customers. This typically involves starting with key business outcome metrics or User Experiences and moves down the service stack. Because we are starting from business outcomes and user experiences, each asset in the underlying environment can be managed in a more meaningful manner; specifically how that asset contributes to user experiences and business outcomes. As a result, IT can directly attribute which events are impacting customers and which can be de-prioritized, leading to more efficient operations.

For more information, we invite you to read our technical white paper Anatomy of a Top-Down Approach that describes in great detail our unique approach.

Software-as-a-Service Delivery

For years, enterprises seeking better visibility had to dedicate dozens or even hundreds of servers, databases and applications just for monitoring, each of which required constant maintenance and configuration. This represented a significant drain of time and resources that could have been better spent on business-driving projects. Fortunately, there's a better way.

FireScope is the only cloud-based, Big Data monitoring platform that offers the same capabilities of a legacy monitoring suite, but without the need for customers to invest in a massive infrastructure.

  • Start realizing value on day one, without adding to your maintenance workload.
  • All metrics data are synchronized securely from local edge devices to the FireScope Stratis cloud.
  • All configuration performed centrally in FireScope Stratis cloud interface, with no need to write scripts or engage in expensive professional services.
  • On-premise configurations are also available.
  • Significantly lower TCO than legacy monitoring suites, without sacrificing capabilities, speed or scale.


FireScope Stratis provides an integrated, extensible architecture that lets you focus on building solutions rather than infrastructure. FireScope Stratis is a one of a kind, cloud-based, Big Data PaaS platform with extensive capabilities to collect and analyze massive amounts of structured and unstructured data in real-time, and empowers third-parties to leverage these capabilities to create entirely new classes of applications.

  • In most cases, applications can be built with clicks, not code, for rapid development and delivery.
  • Each customer account and application built on the platform stores data in a virtual private segment that is securely sandboxed from other applications/accounts – similar to Oracle’s VPD (Virtual Private Database).
  • For advanced use cases, REST services are available for configuration and business logic invocation.
  • Branding and linguistic customizations can be performed directly within the interface, offering each application a unique user experience without the need to write code.
  • The Stratis Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) provides framework access to unstructured data.
  • Multiple applications and/or additional customer accounts can run concurrently from a single instance of Stratis, while still offering baseline Stratis accounts.

Solution Delivery Model

No other vendor can match FireScope solutions for speed of delivery. What makes this possible is an innovative cloud delivery method and a delivery model that has been tested and refined in the data centers of some of the world's largest financial services organizations.

The FireScope Solution Delivery Model revolves around a methodology that is comprehensive, real and supported by tested templates. FireScope delivery engineers and partners work from a common playbook to ensure clear communication of scope, deliverables and methodology.

  • Ensure a fast, no-risk deployment with clear deliverables and milestones.
  • Fully documented and supported process enables partners to be onboarded faster and deliver consistent experiences.
  • Aligned to your vision and does not force you to change the way you run your business to support the solution.
  • Rest easy knowing you have a platform built for ease of scalability and adaptibility to support your future requirements.


FireScope Academy

Even the best software cannot deliver maximum value if you don't know how to use it. FireScope has taken an innovative approach to training that combines online, self-paced training dojos with classroom based courses to ensure our customers maximize the return on their FireScope investments.

The FireScope Academy is a comprehensive training program designed to help our customers and partners realize maximum value. Whether you are a seasoned IT professional, business owner or sales professional, FireScope Academy has a curriculum tailored for your needs to fully immerse you in FireScope's transformative solutions.

  • Web-based, self-paced training supplemented with classroom courses.
  • No lengthy certification process, no need to be out of the office for months.
  • Onsite training courses are available.
  • Review the upcoming course calendar.