Self-Service Monitoring

No other solution matches FireScope Stratis for its ease of use. With FireScope, you'll never have to write code to create dashboards or integrations; everything is performed directly in the interface and via highly intuitive wizards. Users of any experience level can easily setup monitoring for new assets, build reports and dashboards, meaning you'll never have to wait on someone else.


  • Highly customizable dashboards with over 50 customizable visualization components using the latest HTML5/CANVAS technologies.
  • Web-based report builder enables users of any experience level to create reports around any aspect of their technology in just a few minutes.
  • Only solution that lets you share your dashboard with other users to enhance collaboration.


One Platform, Many Use Cases

Business Owners, Line of Business Heads

Business owners know that technology delivers value, but possess little to no visibility into precisely what that value is. Traditional IT reporting such as SLAs only focus on how often IT didn't fail. With FireScope Stratis, technology performance is communicated in terms that business leaders can easily understand and promotes better communication between IT and the business.

  • Transparent, real-time view into the health of the technology services supporting each line of business.
  • Insight into the financial implications of performance and availability issues.
  • Improved visibility into how technology investments are supporting business growth.


Business Analysts

FireScope Stratis' ability to blend business and technology data and apply historic, real-time or predictive analysis is uniquely suited to provide business analysts - both inside and outside IT - with new insights with a minimum of effort.

  • Ability to gather virtually any data from any source, without writing code.
  • Real-time, historic and predictive analytics capabilities.
  • Drag and drop report writing as well as dozens of complex analytical algorithms.


IT Management

The rich analytics capabilities available in FireScope Stratis enable IT management to gain fresh insights into exactly what is required to deliver user experiences, and to model future requirements based on business growth.

  • Improved communication and collaboration with business owners.
  • Consistent, accurate IT-business analytics across all teams.
  • Visibility into user perception and business outcomes to communicate and drive the business value of technology.


IT Engineers & Specialists

Most organizations utilize a dozen or more point solutions to manage their critical environments, forcing IT professionals to consult at least a half-dozen interfaces to troubleshoot a single issue. With FireScope Stratis, all this can be performed from a single interface, simplifying incident response and putting an end to the blame game.

  • Line of sight between personal efforts and business outcomes and goals.
  • Proactive alerting of service performance degradation, enabling response before users are impacted.
  • Root-cause in 2-clicks enables more time for business driving projects.