Multi-Tenancy Support

FireScope Stratis was designed from the outset to support multiple approaches to secure multi-tenancy, enabling organizations to choose their level of segmentation and isolation. Our approach allows for either virtual or physical segmentation of customer data, without the need to deploy separate instances of FireScope Stratis.

  • Data can be segmented virtually or physically to support any multi-tenancy architecture and regulatory requirements.
  • Not necessary to install a new implementation for each new customer, reducing the effort to implement new customers.
  • Automation enables zero-touch implementation of new customers.
  • Smart data recovery for synchronization connection loss ensures accurate evaluation of data trending and SLA calculation.
  • Dynamically scalable without the need for manual effort, supports truly massive customer environments.

This approach also makes it quick and effortless to provision new customers and elastically scale FireScope Stratis. For Managed Service Providers, adding new customers can be as easy as starting a FireScope Edge device at a new customer's location, performing discovery and creating the new customer and their respective users - all of which can be completed in just a matter of minutes.


Example Use Case: Deploying New Customer

New Customer Registration

  • Web-based registration form
  • Upload license

Customer Account Created

  • New data shard created for data segregation
  • Initial administrative accounts auto-generated
  • Download virtual edge device and configuration key


  • Edge device at customer location performs discovery
  • Blueprints applied, Service Model created
  • Quickstart dashboards dynamically created, can be customized by users

Time < 1 Hour


FireScope for Cloud Providers

FireScope Stratis is the only Enterprise management solution designed - not adapted - for cloud technologies. By offering FireScope Stratis for your customers, you gain a truly differentiated offering that delivers deep, service-oriented visibility that spans cloud-based and in-house environments for a complete picture of service health and helps ensure that their cloud initiatives deliver optimal user experiences.