Enterprise Event Management

The average enterprise has over 16 different monitoring tools deployed, yet last year American businesses suffered 1,661,321 hours of downtime. The problem lies in the fact that each tool offers a different interpretation of infrastructure health, complicating remediation efforts. Clearly, the way forward is to consolidate to a single source of truth across the enterprise.

FireScope Stratis is the industry's leading event management solution, enabling customers to meaningfully analyze health and performance of their entire, global environment in terms of how they impact customer experiences and business outcomes. From hardware to software, virtual to physical, user experiences down to environmentals, you gain a single, consolidated event analysis platform that easily scales from hundreds of assets to millions.


FireScope's Real-time event timeline visualization.

    FireScope Delivers These Unique Capabilities:

  • SaaS Delivery Model - Start using your first dashboards on day one, safe in the knowledge that you haven't added yet another collection of hardware and software to maintain.
  • The Complete Picture - While most cloud-based monitoring solutions only monitor applications and user experiences, FireScope provides coverage of the complete service stack, from physical to virtual, applications to user experiences.
  • Powerful Event Analysis - From simple to highly complex analysis across traditional silos, FireScope's event analysis engine enables users to drive to root-cause in just 2-clicks.
  • Painless Integration - Maximize the returns on your existing investments in applications and management tools by integrating them through FireScope - all without writing a line of code.
  • Unlimited Scalability - FireScope Stratis' Big Data horizontally scales without the need to re-architect or re-index, and avoiding the known limitations of legacy relational databases (e.g. Oracle, Enterprise MySQL, MS SQL).
  • The Best Performance - Distributed nature and massive scale enables support for truly massive environments without sacrificing on depth or performance.
  • Real-Time Analysis - While most solutions are in reality only evaluating historical data, FireScope can absorb data as it is created, enabling truly real-time analysis.
  • Powerful Alerting and Automated Response - Get more than an obscure notice about a failed event with FireScope's rich HTML-based notifications and leverage extensive bi-directional integrations to automatically trigger automation platforms to remediate issues without human intervention.


Key Capabilities Include:

Complete Coverage of the Service Stack

Many emerging cloud-based monitoring solutions claim to provide end-to-end event management, yet when the marketing hype clears, in reality they only have visibility into the application or user experience layers. Effective Event Management cannot be solely accomplished with this incomplete picture, the virtual and physical infrastructure where the application lives must be included. That's why FireScope includes over 20+ native data collection capabilities as well as key integrations to deliver the complete picture of service health and performance.



Event Suppression (Event Storm Prevention)

FireScope discovers key physical, logical and service-related dependency relationships between your various technical assets, which enable the solution to identify when upstream failures are the cause of a failed check. As a result, you get one notification regarding the root cause, not hundreds of notifications for each downstream asset.



Automatic Configuration

FireScope's powerful discovery engine is far and away the most extensive of its kind, leveraging multiple vendor APIs such as those from VMware, NetApp, Cisco and others, as well as physical, virtual and logical topology mapping. When combined with our Blueprint technology, most of the configuration work to monitor your environment is done for you.



Event Response

As events are identified, FireScope offers a variety of response options that include notifications via email, sms, jabber containing a wealth of pertinent information regarding the event, as well as the ability to execute commands directly on the affected assets or trigger runbook automation. This makes it possible to achieve a self-sustaining infrastructure, wherein issues are resolved through automation within seconds and without the need to wake you up in the dead of night.



Not all issues can be fixed immediately, therefore FireScope includes an escalation capability that can kick in to raise the issue to second tier personnel or management if it has not been acknowledged or cleared within a user configurable period, while also offering financial impact calculations based on the frequency of the event.


Maintenance Windows

Occasionally you'll need to bring down systems for maintenance, but don't want to get deluged by notifications. Therefore, FireScope includes the ability to define maintenance periods for targeted assets. While the solution will continue to monitor the assets, no events or notifications will be generated until the maintenance period has ended.



Self-Adjusting Performance Thresholds

FireScope leverages an Nth-percentile algorithm that automatically calculates a baseline for key metrics over a user-controllable period of time. These baselines are then used to identify and isolate one-time spikes versus sustained trends of stress that are the early indicators of service degradation. This helps organizations get ahead of issues before users are impacted while separating out the critical issues from those that can be safely ignored - and all without requiring constant manual adjustments to configuration.



From Simple to Complex Events,
Spanning One Device to an Entire Service

From simple availability events to complex events spanning multiple systems and applications, FireScope's event analysis engine offers virtually endless possibilities for analysis of service performance. All configuration is performed directly in the web-based interface, with both simple and advanced editors that enable users of any skill level to master with ease.

While competing solutions offer only rudimentary analysis of availability and performance, FireScope is ideal for analyzing application farms (e.g. firing an event when more than a set number of assets experience an outage and thus are impacting redundancy or load balancing) or identifying persistent threats (e.g. more than 5 failed logins experienced on 10 or more servers within a 5 minute period) and much, much more.