Automation Will Set You Free

FireScope was designed to use automation wherever possible to reduce your workload and help you focus on business driving projects. The solution maintains itself, with the ability to dynamically scale as needed based on the volume of data collected in your environment, concurrent user activity and data retention configurations. Our integration partnerships have also been carefully selected with a focus on opportunities to automate incident response and capacity trends, to enable you to achieve a self-sustaining technology environment.


  • Powerful discovery enables auto-configuration of monitoring of your technology environment.
  • Automated maintenance and elastic scalability eliminates maintenance requirements.
  • Bi-directional integration enables FireScope to trigger automation processes in third-party applications such as ServiceNow and others.

Example Use Case: Microsoft Exchange Server


  • Headcount Changes
  • Outsourcing / Offshoring
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • New Projects or Business Units

Real-Time Input Metrics

  • LDAP User data for numbers of users / mailboxes
  • VM Guest Server metrics - Exchange Server
  • Storage utilization, allocation - NetApp
  • Volume of Incoming/Outgoing Email

Real-Time Derived Metrics

  • Technical Cost per Exchange User
  • Rate of Storage Consumption

Event Analysis

  • Storage nearing capacity, trigger allocation of additional resources
  • OWA concurrent activity high, trigger startup of additional VMs

Trigger Automation Integration Partners

Automated Configuration

Project lifecycles have gone from 12+ months to just weeks thanks to emerging automation and cloud technologies. Unfortunately, organizations using legacy monitoring tools require months to configure monitoring for new services, leaving considerable gaps in coverage and consuming hundreds of man hours. Organizations need a monitoring platform that is more agile and requires less manual effort.

FireScope's powerful discovery engine is far and away the most extensive of its kind, leveraging multiple vendor APIs such as those from VMware, NetApp, Cisco and others, as well as physical, virtual and logical topology mapping. When combined with our Blueprint technology, most of the configuration work to monitor your environment is done for you.

  • Powerful discovery enables auto-configuration of monitoring of your technology environment.
  • Discovery utilizes SNMP v1-v3, agents and APIs from VMware, NetApp, Cisco and others to identify all of your critical infrastructure.
  • Blueprints apply best-practice data collection, event analysis and visualization as each asset is identified with dynamic configuration based on asset configuration (number of CPUs, applications found, active ports, storage volumes, etc.).
  • Physical, Network, Service and Logical topology mapping of your environment are all performed automatically.

Configuration Web Service

To further reduce the manual effort to configure Firscope, the solution offers a configuration web service that can be used to automate the application of best practice monitoring for newly deployed assets. This is especially valuable for organizations that have implemented run-book automation solutions, as the run-books can be extended to configure FireScope simultaneously to the implementation of new assets.


  • Configuration can be automated via REST-based API.
  • Includes creating/editing/deleting Configuration Items, Logical Groups, Service Groups, Event Definitions, Policies, Notifications and more.
  • Facilitates integration with various Asset Management, CMDB and Automation tools.
  • When a CI is created it can be linked to a Service Group, Blueprints can be applied and relevant policies expanded to include this new CI – all through the web service.