FireScope BSM: BE Shatters the Costly, Complex Service Management Paradigm

"BSM for the People" Delivers Efficiency, Simplicity at a Fraction of the Cost

Huntington Beach, CA (May 19, 2008) - FireScope Inc., a leader in enterprise-level business service management (BSM) solutions, today announced the launch of FireScope BSM: Business Edition, a revolutionary new simple, affordable and quick-to-deploy BSM solution designed to shatter the barriers to BSM for the SMB marketplace. FireScope BSM: BE is built from the same enterprise-tested framework as FireScope's BSM: Enterprise Edition, optimized for the SMB market, and features a starting price of $2,450.

"Until now, BSM was really only a concept targeted to and used by large corporations. The reason for this is simple " the complexity of traditional BSM solutions required extensive installation and maintenance which therefore implied high costs,” says FireScope President and Chief Architect Mark Lynd. “With FireScope: BE, we've radically simplified configuration to a point where any organization can reap the benefits of BSM on the first day. It's the first effective self-service BSM, accessible to any level of IT professional. That's how we can offer the same functionality a Fortune 500 company utilizes while driving the starting price down so that it fits with any budget."

Available as a downloadable virtual machine or as a go-live CD for quick installation and easy setup, FireScope BSM: BE allows businesses to derive immediate value beginning on the day of installation. Eliminating the need for time consuming installation processes and costly consultants, an engaging and user-friendly interface and flexible auto discovery provides rapid time to competency, with multiple setup wizards and inline help designed to make implementation accessible for any level of user. Once service thresholds are defined, FireScope BSM: BE goes to work identifying and gathering data from all networked assets including servers, routers, applications, point solutions and more. New assets can be easily integrated for a future-proof management solution that grows with the business.

"There has been a myth that only the largest companies require the integrated business metrics and IT data provided by BSM," said Paul Burns, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Management Associates. “The truth is that the smaller businesses have not had access to solutions tuned to their requirements around purchase cost, management staffing and time to value."

"FireScope is breaking new ground by making BSM available to IT organizations of all sizes. FireScope Business Edition should also appeal to larger organizations seeking the value of BSM at a lower price point and with less complexity.”

FireScope BSM: BE features an event-based processing sub-system which permits real-time data correlation across multiple technologies and business metrics. By integrating IT data with business metrics into a service-level view, companies can quickly determine the business impact of IT events, more effectively prioritize work, perform root-cause analysis and remediate. This integrated approach enhances the value of the IT team in meeting the overall business goals of the organization, as opposed to relegating them to support-service provider status.

Business-Edition further distinguishes itself as the first Business Service Management solution available as a free, downloadable trial. This allows businesses to start deriving value from FireScope even before the purchase is made. The full version includes one year free standard maintenance and support and comes backed by FireScope's full-service support. The full version is available for download from the new FireScope store and starts at $2,450. In addition to the standard one year support, enhanced maintenance and support packages are available as well.

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