Featured Partner: NetApp

Storage represents a significant segment of the modern IT budget, yet most organizations have little to no ability to relate how these investments support the business. The ripple effects of this gap touch every level of IT operations, from incident management to long term planning.

To bridge this gap, FireScope and NetApp have teamed up to help our customers develop, implement and manage a business-aligned strategy for storage. Utilizing deep integration points between solutions from both vendors, businesses can link technology performance and events with their impact on revenue, productivity and user experiences, enabling a business-centric approach to IT management.

    Business Value
  • Simplify management of heterogeneous storage architectures by consolidating into a single interface.
  • Link storage allocation to the critical services they support
  • Correlate events at the storage level to their impact on the rest of the infrastructure stack - and ultimately, user experiences - for faster, more effective incident response.
  • Align capacity planning with predicted business growth at the service level to make the right purchases at the right time.

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