FireScope + Cherwell Integration

The combination of Cherwell and FireScope - the leading cloud-based, enterprise-scale monitoring solution - are offering entirely new ways to leverage automation and self- learning to make your life easier while simultaneously enhancing service reliability and quality. FireScope is also a member of Cherwell's Technical Alliance Program.

    Business Value:
  • Better visibility of the infrastructure reduces the time between identification and resolution of service-impacting Incidents.
  • Service Management teams are armed with accurate and relevant system-generated information, enabling more effective first time resolution when compared to often vague, user-reported issues such as "Email isn't working."
  • Automated discovery, mapping and configuration of best practice monitoring enables rapid implementation while reducing the workload typically required to achieve effective service visibility.
  • Communications is improved across every IT team without the need to disrupt their day-to-day workflow by adding more interfaces that need to be checked.
  • As both solutions are offered via Software-as-a-Service model, organizations start realizing value at a fraction of the time when compared to traditional software models and without the need to invest in significant in-house compute resources.

Watch the 10-Minute Demo

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Users Shouldn't Be Your First Notification of Failure

In the majority of outages, IT's first notification of the issue is from complaining users calling the help desk. This contributes to IT's low organizational credibility and its constant fight for budget dollars. But it doesn't have to be this way. With the integration of FireScope Stratis with Cherwell ITSM solutions, organizations can automate the process of detecting and responding to IT service issues and slash the time and effort involved in resuming normal operating conditions.



The End of Complexity

Previously, organizations had only one choice if they wanted to consolidate and standardize around a global platform for IT; engaging a Big-4 vendor to implement a complex suite made up of multiple products that required over a year to implement and carried significant integration risks. Now, the same capabilities can be achieved with just two, tightly integrated, cloud- based products that can be delivered in days. Get started today by requesting a demo or consultation.